Advanced Management Solutions

What is OSIS?

Our OSIS system is an all in one solution that provides complete policy administration including quoting, binding, policy issuance, endorsements, auditing, and full accounting and reporting.

OSIS is also a complete claims system including new loss reporting, claims adjusting, check printing, subrogation, salvage, and full reporting.

Efficiency Is Paramount

Our OSIS system is extremely user friendly. There are no difficult codes to remember. The screens are standardized and familiar, making cross-training smooth and effortless. The high level of process automation within the OSIS system will reduce your staffing requirements while increasing productivity. System features like document imaging, online letters, notes, and integrated fax and email modules will allow your people to work smarter and faster than ever.

Flexibility Is Essential

OSIS is easy to configure, manage, and maintain. OSIS offers you the ablility to define how the system behaves through rate options, treaty options, program/policy specific options, and a vast array of other system configuration options.

System Features

Web Based Interface

Completely web based interface for quotes, binding policies, endorsements, making payments and uploading/retrieving policy documents.

Various Management Tools

Including trend graphs, marketing tools, disaster coverage shutdown, and extensive ad-hoc and static reporting tools.

Document Imaging

Run a paperless office, with easy document retrieval.

Custom PDF Document Creation

Real Time Payment Processing


Secure online web transactions protected with 128 bit SSL encryption.
Very robust and highly configurable system security for application access.

Extensive Reporting

Extensive reporting system where the high level experience and non-transaction reporting is done.


Configurable and flexible outputs to allow for changing requirements.

Integrated Email to Fax Gateway

Incoming faxes are stored digitally in a Document Imaging system queue (paperless faxes).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Safety Backups

Data is stored in a replicated and redundant RDBMS. Backups can be taken as often as desired and in the event of disaster, the database can be failed over to a redundant server in moments.

Manage Agents

General Stuff

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Policy Inquiry
  • Agent Inquiry
  • Daily Exceptions & Error Lists

Policy System

  • Policy Underwriting
  • Policy Accounting
  • Policy Reporting
  • Policy Printing

Claim System

  • Claims Inquiry
  • Appraisal Requests
  • New Loss Setup
  • Loss Reporting
  • Claim Reports
  • Claim Batch Processing
  • Claim Management
  • External Entity Search
  • Calendar


  • Call Plan
  • Call Plan Upload
  • Producer Manager
  • Mass Agent Communication
  • Marketing Reports
  • Underwriting Documents

Manage Policies

Manage Claims


  • AQ Performance Graphs
  • Archived Reports
  • Claim Ratio Report
  • Daily Application Calendar
  • Daily Management Reports

  • Experience Report
  • Graphs
  • Incentive By User Report
  • Loss By Agent Report
  • Loss Triangle Report
  • Losses Within First 30 Days

  • New Business Profile Report
  • Policy Retention Percentages
  • Product Reporting
  • Program Summary Report
  • Recorded Statement Report
  • TIN Matching Report

Data Maintenance

  • Policy Maintenance
  • Claim Maintenance
  • System Maintenance
  • Webmaster Maintenance
  • Night Jobs

Manage Data